This is the Idea, but than it should be an 8x8x8 RGB Led Cube

The project is based on the Kevin Darrah's Led Cube

The only thing that bothered me was the amount of cable and since I wanted the project to be as cheap as possible I wanted to use SMD's.

Here is the layout of the board, we only need 8 of them:

BOARD-CATHODE-REV 2b-Black-Front-withparts

This is the board without the parts

BOARD-CATHODE-REV 2b-Black-Front-bare

Wednesday, june 5th, 2013 20: boards are ordered at, that's enough of 2 cubes and a few spare boards.

Tuesday, june 11th, 2013: 1100 Diffused RGB common Anode Leds ordered at*2010
They have a fast response on email, now let's hope they have also fast shipping and they will give you probably the best deal on LEDs you can get.
June 13th, 2013: Just received my Track and Trace number, now 1100 LEDS are in the hand of the delivery guy's.